Dog Walking Raleigh

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Dog Walking in Raleigh, NCDog Walking

Pent up energy in your dog can be caused by boredom and a lack of exercise. It can lead to anxiety issues and unwanted behavior problems.  This is a recipe for an unhappy dog and a potentially unhappy dog owner. Dogs need regular physical exercise as well as mental stimulation. Games and active toys are great ways to provide that to your furry friend.  This also benefits their agility, weight control, limberness as well as reduces constipation, hyperactivity, excitability, whining for attention, destructive behavior and restlessness. Behavior such as knocking over furniture or jumping on people may be signs of pent up energy. Plus, dog walking Raleigh leads to stronger trust and emotional bonds with your pet.

Professional Dog Walking Raleigh (and surrounding areas)

An excellent remedy for this is to have your dog walked by the Ark Angels Pet Care staff . When you come home after a long day at the office, you’ll immediately notice that you have a more calm and happy dog who is thrilled to see you but  who is also not bouncing off the walls or dragging you out the door!

If you are looking for dog walking Raleigh, trust Ark Angels Pet Care to be your best ally in having and keeping a happy dog!

Dog Walking Raleigh