Pet Sitting

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How We Ensure the Comfort and Safety of Your Pet

Our priority is your priority and that means giving your angels lots of love and attention while allowing you the convenience of focusing on everything else that matters to you as well. When you hire Ark Angels Pet Care, you know that you’re getting qualified, knowledgeable and experienced pet sitters. 

Entrust Your Pet to Professional Pet Sitters in the Raleigh North Carolina Area

Our clients trust us to handle even the most challenging situations because we carefully review all of your pets needs during our initial consultation. Our in home pet sitting staff is experienced and knowledgeable in the care of dogs, cats, birds, pocket pets as well as other types of animals.
Ark Angels Pet Care provides focused love and attention, exercise, playtime and all that your pets need while you are traveling. Our dog sitters also offer midday dog walks to our clients who are working long hours. Ark Angels Pet Care visits are tailored to your specific needs. In addition our staff is experienced in administering insulin and subcutaneous fluids as needed.

How to Help Your Pet Sitter do the Best Possible Job

To equip our pet sitters in the Raleigh North Carolina area to do the best possible job for you, they will request detailed information about your pets, their habits, any special requirements, and related details about your home. Before authorizing one of our dog sitters to take care of your pet, we encourage you to talk with them directly, relaying as much relevant information as possible. We believe this is in the best interest of your pets. Please be patient as our pet sitters may request detailed information. 

We have prepared this checklist to help you plan for talking with our in home pet sitting representative:

  • What is the daily routine of your pet?
  • Does your pet require any medications? What kind? What time(s) of day is the medication administered? Are there additional procedures that need to be followed (or are helpful)?
  • Information relating to the personality of your pet is very valuable. Is your pet shy? Have separation anxiety? Aggressive? Tend to get into trouble when alone?
  • What, if anything, scares your pet or triggers aggressive behavior?
  • Does your pet have any unusual habits?
  • Does your pet wear a set of identification tags?
  • Is there a guardian designated for your pet in case of an unfortunate event? Please provide a name and contact number for this individual.
  • What veterinarian does your pet see? Does the vet’s office have your credit card of file?
  • Are there any preparations made in case your pet unfortunately passes away while you are gone?
  • What other information should we know? 

We are open to all of your suggestions that can help us provide the best possible pet care for you.

We love pets, and we look forward to meeting you and your angels! Please feel free to ask us questions that may help you feel assured you will be leaving your pets in good hands. We know you will feel relieved and reassured once you have experienced Ark Angels Pet Care. Please contact us today to schedule your free consultation.