Raleigh Animal Home Health Care

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Animal Home Health Care

Powder Reeves1This service is provided to those animals who have been discharged home by a veterinarian following surgery or pets that need extra health related care due to illness, injury or old age.

At Ark Angels, we have first-hand experience in post surgical care, and we know how stressful it can be for pet owners. You may be feeling the need to return to your normal schedule and it is likely that your routine has shifted to accommodate the needs of your pet. Undoubtedly you are feeling great apprehension and anxiety about how to divide your time.

Professional Home Health Care for Your Pet

To enhance and support your pet’s healing process, Ark Angels Pet Care can assist you with administration of meds, feeding, dressing changes and tender loving care during this difficult time. Please allow ample time for our consultation in order to thoroughly discuss your pet’s care and needs.

If you’re ready to learn more please contact us to schedule a consultation.